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Capital Vakalat is a reputable full-service law firm with offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Dhanbad, and Ranchi. Our group of innovative and inquisitive lawyers excels at fusing the unconventional creative and scientific temperament with the quick-paced business requirements.

We are able to succeed in unexpected and challenging situations by routinely updating our knowledge and giving our clients useful advice. Professionals from a variety of practise areas make up our talented legal team.

As a result, we can provide comprehensive solutions to all domestic and foreign clients.

10+ Years of Experience

Working with national and international clients.

Defining Success

Matter of hard work that consists our knowledge and dedication.


Our Practice Areas

Criminal Litigation

We have built our criminal practise to defend you against any type of criminal offence.

Intellectual Property

Practising as a preeminent expert in intellectual-property law all over India.

Corporate Commercial

practising in the corporate sector in line with the most recent developments.

Domestic Violence​

An expert who offers crucial assistance to domestic-violence victims is known as a victim advocate.


We specialise in conducting arbitrations for both corporations and private parties because to our unique skill set and experience.

Civil Litigation

Our ability to handle one of the most popular types of litigation has contributed to the expansion of our civil-litigation practise.

Matrimonial Disputes

We are able to handle all of your family and matrimonial conflicts, including divorce, maintenance, and child custody challenges.

Professional And Experienced Law Attorneys

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Excellent Track Record

More than 10,000+ cases have been handled without receiving a single complaint from any of the litigants.

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Transparent Fees

The norm today is affordable and competent fees, and the firm is no exception.

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Unparalleled Customer Service

Perhaps the only legal firm prepared to assist clients around-the-clock and provide various phone numbers is this one.


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Working together towards shared goal is what it means to be team. 
We have the right culture for innovation if everyone on the team decides what to do and works together to accomplish it.
Sarthak Choudhury

Advocate / Dhanbad

Pawan Kumar
Pawan Kumar

Advocate / Delhi

Rajdeep Lahiri
Rajdeep Lahiri

Advocate / Mumbai

Vishal Arun Mishra
Vishal Arun Mishra

Advocate / Delhi

Afaque Rashidi
Afaque Rashidi

Advocate / Ranchi

Antara Das
Antara Das

Advocate / Kolkata

Ujjwal Bhardwaj
Ujjwal Bhardwaj

Advocate / Delhi

Arnab Nandi
Arnab Nandi

Advocate / Kolkata